Ministry of Rural development in Government of India has made provisions for skilling / Skill up gradation of one member of those households who are dependent on MGNREGA for their livelihood and have completed 100 days employment in MGNREGA in FY 2014-15.These trainings could enhance skill set for acquiring new skills as desired by willing members from a set of given options. This project holds stronger relevance in state like Odisha, where more than 60% of blocks are IPPE blocks i.e. 180 IPPE blocks out of 314 blocks. While MGNREGs provides for basic livelihoods support through wage employment, “Project LIFE” would bring in vertical mobility in livelihoods ladder with improved skill and employability. The poorest of poor families will move towards full employment from partial wage employment through skilling programmes.  


•The Project aims at promoting self-reliance and improving the skill-base of the MGNREGA workers, and thereby improving livelihoods of MGNREGA workers, so that they can move from the current partial employment status and thereby reduce their dependence on MGNREGS.

•Upgrade from minimal income status (100 days in a year) of HHs dependent on MGNREGA to a state of earning throughout the year.

Target group:

The Project aims to target the youths from rural households whose members have completed 100 days of work under MGNREGA in the previous Financial Year. (2014-15)

 Project LIFE Survey

Project LIFE survey was conducted in Odisha for the Households and workers who have completed 100days of work in MGNREGA in the FY 2014-15. During the survey broadly three livelihoods options were asked to the HHs/ Workers , in which they would be skilled further to improve their livelihoods and employment status. The board categories are:

1.Skilling for Wage (DDU-GKY)

2.Skilling for Self Employment (RSETI)

3.Livelihoods Up gradation


Based on the Survey, the following Households and workers have opted for various livelihood activities:-

Sl No Broad Livelihoods Category No. of  HHs interested No. of Workers interested
1 Skilling for Wage (DDU-GKY) 9,377 11,255
2 Skilling for Self Employment (RSETI) 4,777 5,898
3 Livelihoods Up gradation 5,142 6,885


Source: NREGA Website (update as on 20th Sept, 2015)