SaansadAdarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY)


The goal of SaansadAdarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) is to translate this comprehensive and organic vision of Mahatma Gandhi into reality, keeping in view the present context.



i. Adopting people’s participation as an end in itself – ensuring the involvement of all sections of society in all aspects related to the life of village, especially in decision making related to governance ii. Adhering to Antyodaya – enabling the “poorest and the weakest person” in the village to achieve well-being

iii. Affirming gender equality and ensuring respect for women

 iv. Guaranteeing social justice

v. Instilling dignity of labour and the spirit of community service and voluntarism

vi. Promoting a culture of cleanliness

vii. Living in consonance with nature – ensuring a balance between development and ecology

viii. Preserving and promoting local cultural heritage

 ix. Inculcating mutual cooperation, self-help and self-reliance

x. Fostering peace and harmony in the village community xi. Bringing about transparency, accountability and probity in public life

 xii. Nurturing local self-governance

xiii. Adhering to the values enshrined in the Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties of the Indian Constitution



To trigger processes which lead to holistic development of the identified Gram Panchayats


 ii. To substantially improve the standard of living and quality of life of all sections of the population through –

a. improved basic amenities

b. higher productivity

c. enhanced human development

d. better livelihood opportunities

e. reduced disparities

f. access to rights and entitlements

g. wider social mobilization

h. enriched social capital

iii. To generate models of local level development and effective local governance which can motivate and inspire neighbouring Gram Panchayats to learn and adapt


iii.To nurture the identified Adarsh Grams as schools of local development to train other Gram Panchayats