Convergence and partnerships

Convergence Framework

More than 27 lakhs households across the state of Odishahave been mobilized by Odisha Livelihoods Mission through SHGs. Further 1,516 GP level Federation has been formed involving about 93,000 SHGs.

 These groups and institutions have been strengthened with strong social and capital formation to manage the financial and livelihoods resources. Odisha Livelihoods Mission has the advantage of last mile coverage through its robust institutional network and quality human resources with a strong livelihoods mandate for extreme poor and vulnerable communities. Hence, nesting livelihoods activities (farm and non-farm activities in which the maximum number of poor people are involved) with such institutions is a justified endeavour to satisfy the mandate of the government to develop the social sector at large. With the technical expertise and schematic support of line Departments and OLM’s community strength the gap in implementation of any programme is bridged. The convergence helps in scaling up the programme but also in development of a background for business in farm sector particularly, so that the poorest of the poor are able to access the technology and market for sustainable livelihood. 

Principles of Convergence:

In accordance with the vision of the Odisha Livelihoods Mission various livelihoods intervention in Producers’ Group mode, where Individual beneficiary come together with similar aim and objective of growing a crop as farm activity or any specific intervention in non-farm activities resulting in value addition and better marketing opportunity.

On the other hand the line departments with their administrative and technical expertise provide support to individual beneficiaries, groupsand community members acting as a single compartment.

•The line department shall prefer/involve the beneficiary selected by Odisha Livelihoods Mission.

•The line department and OLM shall jointly identify the production/ processing sites.

•In selected list of beneficiary, the name of the extremely poor & vulnerable group (EPVG) shall be incorporated with reference to the list prepared by OLM based on SECC Data. 

•The line department and OLM shall take care to complement each other strength and programmatic space for effective implementation and support of any component there off.

•The last mile coverage and community extension through communitycadresand group decision making platforms created by OLM shall be used to make the line department programme effective on ground. 

•The non-loaned farmers can be covered under the insurance scheme of OLM.

•The time line of programme implementation shall be meticulously followed by both line department and OLM for successful implementation as most of the farm activities are time bound programmes.

•At district level all the line departments shall include OLM programme in their annual strategy meeting

•In the Block level such convergence meeting shall be taken up with line departments before onset of the season or commencement of the nonfarm activities. 

•The gaps in funding of any livelihoods activities can be covered by accessing community finances through SHG loans and bank loans with interest subvention provision.

Till date convergence have been done with Directorate of Fisheries , Directorate of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, Agriculture Sector, Directorate of Horticulture, Directorate of Textiles & Handloom and OPOLFED


Odisha Livelihoods Mission is continuously striving towards excellence and in pursuit of this objective OLM has extended hand of partnership to organizations having similar ethos.  Innovative mechanism of non-financial partnership has been forged with competent Organisation to foster common objectives. Such partnership not only adds value to the programme it would complement and supplement each other’s expertise to make a difference in life and livelihoods of the rural poor.

 Partners of Odisha Livelihoods Mission


2.Trickle up


4.TATA Trust


6.PRI-CBO with Kudumbashree

7.Digital Green

8.Swabhiman with UNICEF