Knowledge Management & Communications


Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC) Cell of the Odisha livelihoods mission is the connecting interphase between OLM and the Community and is determined to extend power of knowledge to the rural poor in Odisha.  The Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC) aims to create and manage the systems that will provide project staff and communities with relevant, timely information and facilitate the exchange of knowledge. 


To provide a baton of Knowledge to the rural community in Odisha and connecting people to their aspirations. 


To give voice to the rural women in Odisha, thus enabling them to articulate their own development agenda by fostering the culture of exchanging knowledge.

Goals and Objectives

•To give voices to collectives of women in rural Odisha by utilizing knowledge management and communication strategies and thus encouraging dialogue and debate.

•To ensure transparency and smooth communication and ascertain that information is streamed in an appropriate channel across the districts and state. 

•To raise visibility of the OLM and it’sfunctioning.

•To build up a pool of knowledge/knowledge repositoryand manage organizations’ information.

•To foster culture of sharing of information.

•To strengthen capacity building with necessary tools and aids. 

•To disseminate knowledge to community cadres effectively and thus ensuringcommunity participation in preparing and voicing their own developmental agendas.

 Furthermore, KMC cell attempts to deliberate upon covering and managing information from various thematic operations of Odisha Livelihoods Mission; and converting the information into tangible knowledge products. KMC cell thus aims to foster the culture of innovation and sharing knowledge with all the stakeholders, with particular focus on rural poor. KMC cell documents and compiles knowledge products including case studies, guidelines, training manuals, program information, information guidelines, testimonies, project videos etc thereby, creating a concrete pool of information for all stakeholders. Most important of all is dissemination of the information and harnessing the power of communication, which KMC endeavors to achieve. 

It is witnessed that inculcating culture of dialogue and debate facilitates rural women to articulate their own developmental agenda and makes them aware. This helps in being critical of the issues affecting their lives and taking up informed decisions to deal with these issues. Hence, stimulating empowerment of the rural poor is also one of the key objectives of the team.