Financial Literacy is an important component of Comprehensive Financial Inclusion. It serves two purposes, Firstly it induces demand for available financial products & Secondly it protects people from losses incurred out of the activities of unscrupulous players in the financial market.


Key Features:

1) Universal financial literacy

2) GP level financial Inclusion Plan

3) Single window service

4) Comprehensive financial inclusion

5) Low cost model with an investment of Rs.30000/-

6) In case of BC, it is cost recovery model from Bank.


Process Involved:

1) Identification of FL CRP (3 per GPLF as per first NRLP model)

2) Development of Training Modules by translation /adoption in vernacular.

3) Training of FL CRP in RSETI.

4) Training of WSHG members.

5) Further Training of FL CRP under SIDBI-PSIG Programme.

6) Designation of District Level FIC (Retired Bankers) as Resource Persons for regular handholding of FL CRP.

7) Integration of BC model into FLCRP



1) Single window financial inclusion service by WSHG members

2) Impetus to Individual Bank customers, Enrolment under PMJJBY/PMSBY/APY on saturation mode, creating awareness on prudent investments.

3) Proper utilization and repayment of funds helps GPLF and banks; 27 NPA free Panchayats

4) Becoming a nerve centre of interactions with other agencies like NABARD, SIDBI, RBI

5) Taking up campaigns of the banks; e.g. Atal pension campaign by SBI