Bank Sakhi

Bank Sakhis

 Making Banking Accessible and Hassle free 

Bank Sakhis play a vital role in financial inclusion of poor which is a vital component under NRLM. Odisha Livelihoods Mission is one of the flag bearers in implementing the Bank Sakhi strategy effectively in country. Bank Sakhis are women community banking facilitators who facilitate various financial inclusion components like SB account opening, Bank Linkage to SHGs, Credit counseling etc. The objective behind Bank Sakhi concept is easing access to banking services to the WSHGs and members. Bank Sakhis sit in help desk of Bank branches and assist the women SHG members in their day to day transactions in the Bank. 

Bank Sakhis are selected and paid performance based incentives by concerned Nodal Gram Panchayat Level SHG Federations. After selection, Bank Sakhisare provided 5-6 days training in RSETIs and regular refresher trainings are also provided to build capacities of Bank Sakhis. Presently there are 613 Bank Sakhis positioned in Bank branches of 88 Intensive blocks of Odisha. 

There is very good response from Branch Managers for Bank Sakhis. In a sample study conducted among Branch Managers where our Bank Sakhis have been positioned, 98% of Branch Managers agree that Bank Sakhis help the Bank in reaching out to poor and illiterate women, 84% of Branch managers have agreed that Bank Sakhis are a helping hand for the branch and 88% of Branch managers have agreed that Bank Sakhis help in reducing the transaction time of WSHGs in branches.