Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI)


Rural Self Employment Institutes (RSETI):

Rural Self Employment Training Institute is a Government of India programme jointly implemented by Commercial Banks and State Government.Rural Self Employment Training Institutes (RSETIs) are set up in all 30 districts of the State to promote Rural Entrepreneurship and Self Employment. Rural unemployed youth in the age group of 18-45 are trained in these institutes. RSETIs provide short duration residential trainings on Skill development and Entrepreneurship. The trained candidates are also provided handholding support for 2 years post training. Odisha livelihoods mission (NRLM) reimburses training cost of BPL candidates trained in RSETIs. Government of India provides Rs.1 Cr to RSETI for building construction and State Government provides land upto 1 acre for construction of RSETI building.

Sponsoring Banks:

RSETIs are set up by Commercial Banks. The status of RSETIs sponsored and set up by Banks in Odisha is as follows.

17 RSETIs - State Bank of India 

7 RSETIs - UCO Bank

2 RSETIs –Andhra Bank 

2 RSETIs - Bank of India 

1 RSETI- Central Bank of India 

1 RUDSETI – Established by Syndicate Bank, Canara Bank and Dharmastala Trust, Karnataka.


Uniqueness in RSETI training:

•Free Residential training.

•Training for short duration ranging from 1-6 weeks.

•Handholding to trained candidates for 2 years.

•Focus on Motivation and Self development of the candidate.

•Providing Skill and Entrepreneurship training.

•Candidates trained on preparation of DPR, trained on various facets of setting up and managing a micro enterprise.

•Support for availing credit linkage from banks.



RSETIs offer different kinds of trainings. Every year the training calendar is prepared based on the potential of the district, market demand and performance of candidates trained in trades previous year. RSETIs offer trainings under the following categories.

•Agriculture based Entrepreneurship Development programmes.

•Product based Entrepreneurship Development programmes.

•Process based Entrepreneurship Development programmes.

•General Entrepreneurship Development programems.

•Skill up gradation program for established Entrepreneurs. 


3 Stages of RSETI training:


•Every year the training calendar is prepared based on the potential of the district, market demand and performance of candidates trained in trades previous year.

•Candidates are mobilized through entrepreneurship awareness programmes conducted by RSETIs, applications are sponsored by DRDAs, line departments, Banks and through Community based organizations like CLF and GPLF.

•Candidates are provided counseling, where they are briefed about RSETI training and counseled in selection of right trade based on their strength, aptitude and interest.


•The training ranges from 1-6 weeks which is residential in nature.

•RSETI training emphasizes on motivation and self development of candidates through yoga, shramdan, group activities and games.

•RSETIs have 2 inhouse faculties and empanelled guest faculties.

•The Director of RSETI, is a officer on deputation from sponsoring Bank.

•The candidates are provided skill and entrepreneurship training.

•The candidates are provided hands on experience during practical session and they are taken for exposure visits to micro enterprises of success entrepreneurs. 

•The training module preparation support is given by National Academy of RUDSETI, which is the National Resource Organization for RSETIs. It also provides capacity building and Monitoring support to all RSETIs.

Post Training:

•RSETI facilitates credit linkage support to the trained candidates.

•It provides handholding to the trained entrepreneurs through on site visits, camps and follow up through telephone.



Monitoring Mechanism:

•The performance under RSETI is monitored through a dedicated MIS website

•The State Project Co-ordinator of RSETI visits the RSETI once in every quarter and submits a report to National Director RSETI, Sponsoring Bank and OLM.

•In Odisha, the Nodal officers of RSETI in DRDA visit the RSETIs every month and submit a report to PD, DRDA and SMD-cum-CEO, OLM. This is a unique initiative in Odisha.

•In addition, there is a Quality Assessment Team under Chairpersonship of PD,DRDA. LDM, AGM-NABARD, DPM-OLM and Nodal officer of RSETI in DRDA are its members. The Quality Assessment Team visits the RSETI every quarter and submits a report to District Collector.


State Strategy under RSETI for FY 2015-16:

•As per State Strategy under RSETI communicated to all Banks by SMD-cum-CEO, OLM, the training target for FY 2015-16 has been fixed as 19,800 with special focus on training BPL/NRLM target group candidates.

•All RSETIs have been advised to train WSHG members on a priority basis and ensure promotion of Micro Enterprises of WSHG members.

•Nodal officers have been identified in all districts at District and Block level to facilitate effective implementation of the RSETI programme.

•Capacity building programs for all stakeholders involved in implementation of RSETI programme is organized by OLM. District Level Nodal officers for RSETI have been taken for an exposure visit to National Academy for RSETI in Bangalore to sensitize them on RSETI programme.

•The block and district OLM teams have been advised to support the RSETI in organizing Entrepreneurship Awareness programmes.

•Identification of candidates for RSETI training is also carried out during mobilization camps under DDU-GKY.

•Quality Assessment Teams have been formed in districts under chairpersonship of PD, DRDA to ensure quality of training in RSETIs.

•A Communication Strategy has been designed and implemented by OLM to facilitate mobilization of candidates under RSETI.

•Market Linkage support to candidates trained under RSETI is provided through District and State Level Exhibitions,

•District Level Workshops are organized to sensitize all stakeholders on RSETI programme and to create an enabling environment.

•Bankers’ sensitization and Credit Linkage camps are organized to enhance credit linkage of RSETI trained entrepreneurs.

•Best performing stakeholders in implementation of RSETI programme will be awarded under “RSETI Awards”


State Performance under RSETI- Cumulative and Performance during FY 2015-16:

              There are 30 RSETIs functioning in the State with objective to promote Rural Self Employment and Entrepreneurship among unemployed rural youth of the State. As on 30th September 2015, 74,888 rural youth have been trained under RSETI programme in the State. Out of the total trained, 53,484 candidates i.e 71% of candidates trained have been reported as settled. A candidate is termed as settled, if the person sets up own enterprise or takes up wage employment. Out of 74,888 candidates trained 21,201 candidates have settled with Bank Finance and 32,288 candidates have settled with self finance. 


        The National average of Settlement of RSETI trained candidates is 59% as per RSETI MIS website. The State average of Settlement of RSETI trained candidates is 71%. The National average of Settlement of candidates with Bank Finance is 23%, however the State average is 28%. The performance of Odisha in implementation of RSETI programme is better than the National average.